Sunday, May 6, 2018

Microwave Radar continued...

Microwave Radar continued...

I have tested the microwave radar and after modifying it to the specs that I needed, I was able to get 

the code, the Arduino, and the radar to successfully work together. Now, I need to check my LED's 

to make sure they still work. Oops, nope, they do not work? I discovered a break on the strip that 

prevented the LED's from lighting up.  I had to re-solder the bad connection. I used the same test

code from the proximity backpack to check them. Thank you Dr. D-Flo for the in-

depth explanation of how to properly power on your LED's. He provides a lot of useful information,

but he also explains that this information is should be adapted to your particular needs. Here's the

link to the how to connect your LEDs video: and here is the link to the

test code:

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